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'Posting' Pet Peeves

Others' Pet Peeves Bother Me:  

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  1. 1. Others' Pet Peeves Bother Me:

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How about when somebody posts in a thread just to tell someone they are wrong, without contributing to the actual discussion at all? Example:

Topic - What is your favorite snack?

Poster #1: "Cheetos"

Poster #2: "Tomatoes FTW! Best fruit EVER."

Poster #3: "Tomatoes aren't a fruit, dimwit."

What makes it even worse is when this stuff derails an entire thread and you go from talking about Mario games to talking about Hitler or something stupid. Really, anything that derails a thread like that annoys me. It might start out as a seemingly harmless joke, but then you click on the next page and the next ten posters or so take it so far that you don't even want to read the thread anymore. What's even worse is when the original joke is not even that funny or clever to begin with, which is usually the case. <.<

The best is when you can take any simple subject at all and turn it into a racial/religious debate out of no where just because some wiseguy decides to make a backhanded crack on <group of people> and another poster chose not to ignore it. It's a shame people can't save that kind of thing for its own thread instead of ruining a nice discussion. Really, when I start to see this kind of behavior repeated, it makes me question the maturity and overall quality of whatever forum community I'm at and whether it's really worth staying at all. You can really tell people have run out of things to talk about when they resort to this kind of stupidity all the time. I haven't seen much of it here yet, but then again I don't really post here that often anyway. =P

Oh, and when people type up a novel and decide not to make spaced paragraphs. Instant tl;dr.

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