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Pouring out your guts through lyrics is fun!

...this time I'm not putting too much on the line.

This is a song about me and a road-worn friend that is getting sick of the position she's in. We always talk about this kinda stuff, and frankly, we both feel the same about this kinda stuff. I wrote this song just today, mostly because of extremely late ngihts and very early mornings are takin their toll. Self Explanatory.

..... unfortunately, I cut out alll the chords so you guys can't see em. Sorry guitar players!

She’s the walking wounded like me,

she hardly ever sleeps, v1

her ships at sea and she can’t wait for port

I’m the same atleast in my mind

I wish to be away some time v1

But all the same I’m really doing fine

I just wanna sleep till I’m not tired anymore

Cause I hate to wake to another wound or sore ch1

I wanna sleep till I’m not tired anymore

The worlds a wound and I can only take so much more…

We’re the walking wounded though we don’t want to be

If a change is comin, bridge

then we’ll take it gladly

And yea. It's like a medium-tempo'd light indie rock kinda song. I'm into that. Along with heavier stuff. Depends on my mood.

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