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Maethor En Galad

Questions for the Ladies

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1. What is a man to you, what defines a man?

Well, a Christian man is someone who is seeking God in everything they do. He strives to be the leader of a relationship, but not take it overboard, leading in humility and love.

2. What are you looking for in a man?

Someone who loves Jesus above everything else, even me :D I have a long list, but I will just list the main points lol Must be willing to be the leader in the relationship. I don't want to be the person to make all the decisions, although asking for my opinion is great! I want a guy who is an "old-fashioned gentleman" meaning opening doors, pulling out chairs, etc...

3. what do you think it takes to be a man after God's own heart?

Kind of the same answer as question 1. Someone who seeks God's will in all areas of his life, being loving and gentle to those around him, serving any way he can....

4. Do you see real men around today?

There are some, but not many...

5. How about what things make a person less of a man?

Not following Jesus with everything they have, not wanting to lead his family

6. What kind of man would you want to marry?

See above :rolleyes::D i might have someone in mind...... ;)

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heehee...if I get a little harsh, I apologize, and I'll try to be nice ;)

Well...I think all of us girls would agree in saying that a man who still believes in chivalry is greatly appreciated. One who will go out of his way to make sure he is a "gentleman." Make sense?

I personally find it attractive when a guy is seeking God with all his heart. I think that if God wants two people to be together, he will lead them there and it shouldn't be our main focus, so stay focused on God.

It takes a man to stand up for God in public. (Anyone who says this is easy, has never actually done it, when you're being attacked by everyone in the immediate vicinity). One who is willing to stand up against persecution to the end is AWESOME!! On that note, it also takes a man to be able to get on his face and cry in the presence of God... :P

It is rare (and I apologize if this sounds like a stereotype) to find a guy who won't make some sort of remark about a girl on a regular basis...that really miffs me... And as cliched as this may sound, a guy who is dedicated to staying pure in all aspects of his life is also AWESOME! :D

This is getting long..so I'll add more after others have had a chance to post ;) Just remember that I'm picky...

this is so perfectly said.

the first thing i look for is if he is God's child

then if he pactices it. and if he is better than i am

at doing it.

but all in all, love should be a triangle.

God on top

and husband and wife

keep God as the head and let Him bring them together.

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