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.... In Need...

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If anyone would, I am in need of prayer. I keep doubting and I don't want to. I try but I keep getting so mad at God and impatiant... I sometimes think of giving up. I dont want to cus I know partial of the feeling.... nothing but horror.....

God has shown people that if i stick with my boyfriend, our lives are going to be destroyed. I can't handle being away from him, I knnow I might sound like a sissy. but... I have givin up too much for it all to be ripped away. I think, since God gives us the desires of our heart, That he may help me and my boyfriend work things and it may not be perfect, but our lives will be saved emotionally, physicly and spiritually..

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I'll be praying that you find patience.

Love and prayers,


Thank you so much. If there is anything I can do in return, I will be here:]

I will pray that you find the peace courage patience and love


Thank yo if there is anything I can do in rpay, please let me know;.;

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