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Christian vs Christ Follower

Sorry if this is all over the place trying to type it up while having a million and one interruptions:

It's amazing you know as a Christian I look around me everyday and see the amount of fake Christians calling themselves my brothers and my sisters in Christ.

In this article I want to tackle the difference between a Christian and a Christ follower.

See I consider myself as a Christ Follower.

Any Christians out there will know what I mean when I say this, have you heard this phrase before.

Quote: "You can't be a Christian, Christian's don't behave, act that way, therefore you can't be a Christian." I remember not so long ago I was forced out of church made to feel small and worthless, like I was unworthy to be there so I stopped going.

See my Christian "brothers" and "sisters" were having ago at me, not just trying to stir me away from wrong doing because don't get me wrong we should encourage each other to follow scripture the point is it got nasty.

People in the Church started gossiping about me he's having sex outside of marriage, he's the one who parties at the weekend.

While they tried there very best to stir me away from this, it didn't work instead it pushed me further away from God.

<h2>Hosea 2:14 </h2> <h3 id="p28002014.01-1">The Lord's Mercy on Israel</h3> 14 “Therefore, behold, I will allure her,

and bring her into the wilderness,

and speak tenderly to her. (ESV)

See God doesn't want us to do wrong and tries to get us out of wrong doing and sinning but he speaks to us tenderly Paul speaks of the importance of being tender with people and gentle and loving.

Instead in my church I experienced rejection and people turning there back on me when I needed them the most.

Christian or Christ follower?

The thing is when I came back to God through my own faith and from no help of my Christian brothers and sisters I noticed so much within the Church none of them were perfect none of them we're saints after all there is a reason Jesus had to come and die for us and it wasn't because we were perfect.

So next time someone says you can't be a Christian know you can we all sin and mess up we don't get into Heaven through being good Christians as there is no such thing instead we get into Heaven through the GRACE LOVE AND MERCY of our Lord and saviour.

Let me explain a Christian

Christians are known by none Christians as hypocrites people who think they are right people standing in the middle of town centres telling people YOUR GOING TO HELL. Do you see Christ in this?

Christians are the people who are known to quickly judge other people, to quickly condemn quick to speak slow to listen.

I once was proud to call myself a Christian now I am filled with shame because my brothers and sisters have polluted what it means to be a "Christian"

Instead I pride myself in calling myself a Christ follower.

I love Jesus with all my heart and understand I am a sinner.

I want to spread his love with all of my friends.

I have doubts and sometimes I stumble.

I see my brothers and sisters struggle instead of condemning people I give them a helping hand I hug them and help them up love and support them.

I don't condemn the gay the prostitute the drug abuser the self harmer instead I show them love support without forcing anything upon them.

As the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

You can give a man a brain but you can't make him think!

God doesn't force anything upon anyone.

To be honest I am so fed up as a follower of Christ looking around and seeing my brothers and sisters dress there lives up.

They wear WWJD wrist bands they wear there Christian T-shirts they commercialise Christianity.

Most importantly they wear the cross.

Come night time though after church on a Saturday there out partying getting drunk living a life that isn't for God.

Now I would rather be a Christ follower than a Christian showing the love Jesus shown the love and support not condemning others.

It may sound like I am condemning those Christians but I am not I just want to open your eyes to something.

Let's focus on the cross for a minute we all have a cross somewhere people wear them they decorate them up with flowers they make them pretty and colourful they make them in jewellery put diamonds in them.

But what is the Cross + what is it? I will tell you what it is.

It's a symbol of execution it's not pretty far from it it's a symbol of blood and torture pain and suffering.

How would you feel if I wore an electric chair charm around my neck? Or a noose charm?

They are all symbols of execution but we don't see the cross like that.

Here is the point of my message.

It's not to tell you don't wear a cross wear it but understand the meaning don't use it to show off your Christianity don't dress up Christianity or commercialise it.

Don't be fake don't go to church and act perfect instead ask for help love and support to help you through your struggles no one can judge you God came and died on earth for us because he loves us and because we will sin again and again.

<h2>Matthew 16:24 </h2> <h3 id="p40016024.01-1">Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus</h3> 24 Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. (ESV)

Take up your cross and follow Jesus in his loving ways show people the right way but be gentle and tender be loving and kind.

Jesus made friends with a prostitute he knew one of his friends would betray him which would lead to his death but he still loved him treat him no different regardless.

Jesus is LOVE ask yourself what does it mean to be LOVE?

Is it easy is it hard?

Was it easy for Jesus to carry his cross?

Will it be easy for you to carry yours?

It's not always easy like I said the cross is a sign of crucifixion it isn't always pretty.

But take up your cross love those around you walk in the footsteps of Jesus don't judge other be supporting no matter what.

Then we will all be truly living as the body of Christ.


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