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The Synonym Game

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I suddenly thought of this game while writeing synonyms for literature :P

Anyway, heres how it goes. YOu write a synonym of the word posted above you. For example, i might say, belligerent. i would just post that one word. They you come along and post any synonym for the word belligerent you want. Example: Contentious.

Then the next person would come along and write a new synonym of the word contentious. Such as quarrelsome. Then the next person would post a synonym of quarrelsome.

Pretty much the only rule is to not use a word that was already posted. The point of this game is to increase vocab, and of coarse to have fun. Its fun to start out with a word like belligerent, and then like 10 pages later to come up with a word like stupid. Because eventaully synonym after synonym will lead to something totally irrelevant. On that note, i will start :)


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