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Holiness Princess

My Aunt was healed!

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So, my aunt had a massive heart attack. The Doctors told her that only 12 percent of her heart was actually working. She went back to the hospital for another appointment. HER HEART WAS COMPLETELY HEALTHY!!! They couldn't find not one thing wrong with her heart. Her doctor said that if this was back in olden days he would have declared her a saint! Praise the Lord!!! She is planning on sending copies of the reports out as testimonies! ( :

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Jesus is awesome!

I hear the words of love, I gaze upon the blood,

I see the mighty sacrifice, and I have peace with God.

'Tis everlasting peace, sure as Jehovah's name,

'Tis stable as his steadfast throne, for evermore the same:

The clouds may go and come, and storms may sweep my sky,

This blood-sealed friendship changes not, the cross is ever nigh.


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