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Forgiveness Prayer

- - - - - the core of freedom

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Loving Father, I choose to forgive everyone in my life, including myself, because You have forgiven me. Thank You, Lord, for this grace. I forgive myself for all my sins, faults, failings, especially______________________________________.

I forgive myself for not being perfect. I accept myself and make a decision to stop picking on myself and being my own worst enemy. I release the things held against myself, free myself from bondage and make peace with myself today, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I forgive my MOTHER for any negativity and unlove she may have extended to me throughout my life, knowingly or unknowingly, especially__________________. For any abuse of any sort I do forgive her today. For any way that she did not provide a deep, full, satisfying mother's blessing I do forgive her today. I release her from bondage and make peace with her today.

I forgive my FATHER for any negativity and unlove he may have extended to me throughout my life, knowingly or unknowingly, especially_____________________________. For any and all abuses, unkind acts, hurts and deprivations I do forgive him today. For any way that I did not receive a full, satisfying father's blessing I forgive him today. I release him from bondage and make peace with him today.

I forgive my SISTERS and BROTHERS for any negativity and unlove, especially____________________________. I forgive my BLOOD RELATIVES for any abuses, especially____________________________________. I forgive my ANCESTORS for any negative actions that affect my life today and make it harder for me today to live in the freedom of a child of God. I release them from bondage and make peace with them today, in Jesus' name.

I forgive my FRIENDS for any actions of negativity and unlove, especially_______________________________________. For any time they abused our relationship or led me astray, I do forgive them. I release them from all bondage and make peace with them today in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I forgive my EMPLOYERS of the present and past for any negativity and unlove, especially________________________________________________. I release them from all bondage and pray a blessing on them today, in Jesus' name.

I forgive all SCHOOL TEACHERS for any negative, abusive actions, especially_____________________________. I forgive LAWYERS, DOCTORS, NURSES and other professionals, especially_________________________________. I forgive all CLERGY and all representatives of the Church, especially_____________________________. I release them all, in the name of Jesus.

I forgive every member of SOCIETY who has hurt me in any way; those who have hurt me by criminal action or who have harmed my family. I forgive all in public life who have passed laws opposing Christian values. I forgive all the unfair, anonymous sources of pain and annoyance in my life.

Heavenly Father I now ask for the grace to forgive the ONE PERSON IN LIFE WHO HAS HURT ME THE MOST. The one who is hardest to forgive, though I may still feel angry and hurt. I also make peace with the one family member, the one friend and the one authority figure who has hurt me the most.

Lord, is there anyone else I need to forgive? (Be still and listen)
Thank you, loving Father, for setting me free.

I now pray a blessing on those who have hurt me. Lord, do something special for each of them today. Thank You, Lord. I praise You. Amen
--Mrs P

(Lk 17:4, Eph 4:31-32, Col 3:13, Mt 6:14, Mt 5:44, Lk 6:35, Gal 5:14, 1 Th 3:12, 1 Pe 4:8, 1 Jn 4:12, Mt 26:28, 2 Ti 2:24, *** 3:2, Jas 3:17, 1 Pe 1:22)

"It is not my business to think about myself. My business is to think about God.
It is for God to think about me. That is where listening begins."--Simone Weil



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If I say, "But I'm so awful," then I am rejecting Christ's sacrifice. Christ is my peace with God. If I hold no peace with myself, I make myself an idol and, in my head, I am greater than God. God is the all-sufficient redeemer and forgiver.

I toss the word "forgiveness" around so much that it hardly means anything to me anymore. It really is GREAT news that we have forgiveness and peace with God through Christ.

Father, help me to get above my circumstances. Help me to see myself in Christ, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

Thanks Mrs. P.

No creature has a force more wondrous or glorious than that of the sun. For besides lighting the whole earth with its brightness, how great a thing is it that by its heat it nourishes and quickens all living things! That with its rays it breathes fruitfulness into the earth! That it warms the seeds in the bosom of the earth, draws them forth with budding greenness, increases and strengthens them, nourishes them anew, until they rise up into stalks! That it feeds the plant with continual warmth, until it grows into a flower, and from flower into fruit! That then, also, with baking heat it brings the fruit to maturity! Yet the Lord, to claim the full credit for all these things, willed that, before he created the sun, light should come to be and earth be filled with all manner of herbs and fruits [Gen. 1:3, 11, 14]. Therefore a godly man will not make the sun a principal or necessary cause of these things which existed before the creation of the sun, but merely the instrument that God uses because he so wills; for with no more difficulty he might abandon it, and act through himself. - John Calvin Institutes 1.16.2



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Thanks for this. I took ideas from here when I prayed today, and I feel very much at ease.

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