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Guest CTF Staff

Women's Forum Guidelines

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Guest CTF Staff

1. All topics that involve sexual or anatomically explicit materials must be posted in the 16+ section of this forum. Also, please remember that we are not here to make our brothers in Christ struggle. As they can still read that section, please be careful with what you post there.

2. Guys, you have your own forum. Please let us girls have ours. Any male posting in the Women only forum or female posting in the Men only forum will receive a warning to stop. Further offenses will incur an infraction.

3. Phoenix. and slycooper are the Women's Forum Moderators. If you there is a thread you have objections to, it is our job to make sure the forum runs smoothly. PM us with your concerns and the reason for them, and if we deem action necessary, it will be taken.


The CTF staff.

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