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Guest CTF Staff

16+ Forum Guidelines

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Guest CTF Staff

In this forum, the older members (aged 16+) of our community are allowed to discuss mature topics that are not permitted in the other forums. This being said, topics of a sexual nature can be posted here. Like the Homosexuality forum, we will be keeping a close eye on the different posts and topics. If the staff feels that a topic of discussion has crossed the line or gone too far, it will simply be closed.

Bare in mind that body parts and sexual actions are often the topic of discussion within this forum. These topics must be handled with care and maturity. The rules still apply here like in all the other forums. Furthermore, use the appropriate terms in order to avoid any offenses. We do not want to see any body parts or sexual actions mentioned in a derogatory or degrading manner. Anything that may depict, display or condone any sexual behaviour, violence, or otherwise inappropriate/unbiblical behaviour and activities are prohibited. Any such topics/posts will be deleted, and a warning issued (Rule 9).

All new topics posted in the 16+ forum must be previewed by a moderator or administrator before being approved. This is done to avoid any inappropriate content that may go by.

The staff will not be held responsible if anyone below sixteen (16) years of age posts in this forum. If a minor is caught doing so they will be given an infraction. We encourage you, the poster, to report any significant offenses that you may see while venturing through this forum.

Thank you and happy posting!

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