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Journey to the Oracle

This will be a semi-closed RP. If you want to play after reading the basic storyline below, please fill out the outline below and send it to me in a PM, and I’ll let you know if you’re approved or not! I will be co-GMing the game with Lightseeker. (you can send the outline to them instead, if you like)





Creature type:

General appearance (description or picture):


Weapons/personal effects/etc.:

Any magic powers (allowed, but keep to minimum, please):

In a country named Rilaavra, the kingdom has been taken over by a new king. A royal decree was issued that outlawed all half-blood creatures. All the half-bloods retreated deep into the hilly forests and valleys, but they still long for the freedom they once had. A meeting has been called of all the half-blood creatures to choose a plan of action, and a decision was reached; a small group of half-bloods will journey to the Oracle of Haven, the only person who is more powerful than the king, and plead for their freedom and privileges back. Who will these creatures be? How will they reach this place? Will they succeed in their mission? And will they live to tell the tale?

(Some half-blood creatures to choose from: Minotaurs, Centaurs, shapeshifters, Pegasus, Unicorns, Gryffins, etc.)

If a type of half-blood has been chosen, please do an application for a different species. We don’t want three Minotaurs and two Pegasus running around, for instance.

The story begins at the meeting deep in the forest.

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