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U.S. intercepted final words of doomed Russian cosmonaut Komarov as he 'screamed in r

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The final words of doomed Russian cosmonaut, Vladimir Komarov, were picked up by U.S. intelligence, according to a new book.

As Komarov hurtled towards earth and certain death in the stricken Soyuz 1 craft, he could be heard screaming and cursing the 'people who had put him inside a botched spaceship.'

U.S. National Security Analyst, identified in the book as Perry Fellwock, described intercepting Komarov's conversation with ground control officers in which he told them he knew he was about to die during the space mission in 1967.

Fellwock was also privy to a conversation between Komarov and former premier Alexei Kosygin from the U.S. listening post in Turkey.

Kosygin can be heard crying and telling Komarov he is a hero, Fellwock reported.

The extraordinary revelations appear in new book Starman, The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin, by Jamie Doran and Piers Bizony, to be published next month

Starman charts the friendship between Komarov and his colleague Gagarin, a Soviet hero who was the first human to reach outer space.

The men were both assigned the doomed Earth-orbiting mission and both knew the space capsule was not safe, according to Starman.

Komarov, who was married with two children, knew he would die but refused to back out of the mission. Gagarin would be his replacement and Komarov didn't want his friend to die.

The Russians planned to launch the Soyuz 1 with Komarov inside. A second vehicle with two additional cosmonauts would blast off the next day.

The two vehicles would meet and dock before Komarov would crawl from one to the other and come home in the second ship.

It was supposed to be a Soviet triumph to mark the 50th anniversary of the Communist revolution but as the book suggests, it was doomed to fail

On inspection the Soyuz 1 had 203 structural problems - problems that would make it dangerous to navigate in space.

No one dared tell then Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev about the faults however for fear of being demoted, fired or sent to diplomatic Siberia. The mission went ahead as planned.

With less than a month to go Komarov met with demoted KGB agent, Venyamin Russayev, and told him: 'I'm not going to make it back from this flight,'

When Russayev asked why he couldn't just refuse to go Komarov said: 'If I don't make this flight, they'll send the backup pilot instead.

'That's Yura,' he said referring to Gagarin. '...and he'll die instead of me. We've got to take care of him.' Komarov then burst into tears.

Launch day arrived on April 23, 1967. Th Soyuz 1 blasted off without issue but the failures began almost immediately afterwards.

Antennas didn't open properly, power was compromised and navigation proved difficult.

The following day's launch was cancelled and so too were Komarov's hopes for getting back to Earth safely.

When the capsule did began its descent the parachutes failed to open - a small canopy came out but failed to pull the larger one from its storage bay. A backup parachute then became entangled with it.

The book then describes how U.S. intelligence 'picked up (Komarov's) cries of rage as he plunged to his death.'

Komarov smashed into plains near Orenburg, Russia with all the force of a meteorite. The craft was flattened and the buffer rockets in its base blew up on impact.

A heel bone was found among the ashes, according to Russayev, but there was little else left of Komarov.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1367857/US-intercepted-Russian-cosmonaut-Vladimir-Komarovs-final-words-rage.html#ixzz1JFvdZfxr

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This is so relevant to my avatar it's uncanny.


A message from Vladimir Komarov during re-entry - http://www.svengrahn.pp.se/sounds/komarovspeech1.mp3

I found some transcripts, but they were in Russian, so the following is a Google Translate of the transcripts I found.

Komarov is "Ruby", and ground control is "Dawn".

Next bring transcripts of negotiations "on the ground" (call sign "Dawn") and astronaut (call sign "Ruby").

14-th round

- "Dawn", "Dawn, I Rubin. 3 hours 48 minutes. In the right porthole see neraskryvshuyusya solar panel ...

- Roger, reception ...

- I see the ground and covered with clouds, horizon ... Solar cell is directed back side towards the sun.

(Komarov already knew - the flight program will fail. He even banged his foot on the wall of the vessel at the place where the battery is attached. Maybe the castle is revealed? Alas ...)

16-th round

- Dawn-3 "I" Rubin ". Moved all the equipment here, the ship ... Manhole is closed. On board the order as saying. Options booths are as follows: pressure 800, temperature 17.5.

- Get ready for the final operations. Everything is going fine, everything is quiet ...

- "Dawn", I Rubin. Understand you. At the 17 th automatic descent from the ion-oriented ...

(Decided to lower her craft at the 17 th circuit, still hoping for an ionic orientation. At the command post of the second day people without sleep. To develop new guidelines for the astronaut.)

- "Ruby", all the commands for you on board were normal.

- Got it.

- We are waiting for you on earth, dear. "Cedar".

(In conversation turns understudy Komarov, Yuri Gagarin. It's his call sign "Cedar").

- Bye!

- We provide a reconciliation of time. (Sound signals "pip-pip-pip.)

- Correction on time minus one second.

- Excellent. You were lucky with the clock. Good set. Do not forget how to be more tightly attached, buckle up before entering the dense ...

- From the scientific equipment, I just picked up Chrono ...

- In memory of him you bring ... Then send your fellow hot-warm greetings, best wishes to soft, good fit.

- Thank you. Left before the meeting a bit, see you soon. I wish you success in all.

But the 17-m coil properly orient the ship does not work. Reject the descent! Prior to the complete devastation of stored energy is about three hours. Prepare a descent to 18-m coil of "land" does not have time ...

18-th round

- I Zarya-10. Give details of manual shutter. Round of the 19 th. Ballistic. Do not rush. Clarifies guidance on the sly. Everything should be fine.

(Y astronaut remains the only hope to return to Earth - to manually guide the ship. "Descent will be steeper overload - stronger. In this version of astronauts did not even coached ...)

- I perfectly understand. I know what to do. Everything will be fine. H Rubin, I can not hear you ...

- "Ruby", I Zarya. Here the damage in the surface channel of communication ...

(In conversation included Vasily Mishin. He was appointed chief designer of the death of the Queen. His call sign "Twenty.)

- "Twentieth", you perfectly understand. I do not worry, do not worry. I will work according to the program ...

- "Ruby", as being, as the mood?

- Feels great. In a good mood. Life support system worked perfectly.

- Very pleased. We are all confident that everything will be fine. Work quietly. While running, try to report. Maybe there will be something to hear.

- I Rubin. After a minute turn on the orientation.

- Got it. Relationship with you we finish, we will not interfere with your work. Come on, work ...

- I'm worried there will be enough time for orientation ...

19-th round

Last minutes in orbit.

- "Ruby", I Zarya-10. Calling on the link ...

- The engine worked 146 seconds. Normally everything goes. Everything is going well! The ship was oriented correctly. (The voice Komarova heard the joyful notes.) I am in middle seat. Attached straps.

- How are you feeling?

- Feels great. All right.

- This is where friends recommend to breathe deeply. We are waiting on the landing ...

- Thank you. Tell everyone. It happened again ...

(This refers to the separation of compartments ship. Soyuz re-entry).

On this vote Komarova terminates. Audible, as the command post operators, replacing each other, trying again to establish contact with the ship:

- "Ruby", I Zarya. We can not hear you. How do you hear us? Admission ... Admission ... Admission ... Admission ...


What happened to the "Soyuz-1"?

At an altitude of about 10 kilometers above the Earth at the Union fire back cover parachute container, carrying the exhaust chute. He drags the drag chute. And on the brake, as if in a fairy tale about the turnip, has pulled out of the container, a large main dome. It just never happened. "Union", tumbling, falling ...

This is the case provided for a spare parachute. But due to the rotation of the vessel and its lines are intertwined, "strangled" saving the dome.

Why is it so happened, found out the dozens of committees. Model landers dropped from a helicopter, trying to simulate the situation. But every time the parachute system worked.

Only in the recently published book of memoirs designer Boris Chertok leads the most plausible version. In preparing the "Unions" Komarov and Bykovskiy hurry. Cover parachute containers were not made on time, and now not figure out what and how really closed containers ... That's it!

"If the" Soyuz-1 "opened two solar panels and there was no failure detectors was held to launch Soyuz-2" - writes on Boris Chertok. - Upon docking Khrunov and Elisha went over to the ship Komarov. In this case, they would have killed all three, and later with a high probability could die and Bykovsky ... "


What Komarov said a minute before the explosion?

Legend 1.

He managed to say goodbye

On the final minutes Komarova walks a lot of rumors. Ostensibly, realizing that death is imminent, he asked the operator to connect to Kosygin, a member of the Politburo. "Take care, please, about my family." A phrase rumor ascribes Komarov. According to another version, falling, Komarov saturate the air with selected obscenities and curses against the very Communist Party, whose leadership has insisted on launching more "raw" spacecraft. This nonsense has presented in one of American books on the history of Soviet space exploration.

Legend 2.

Mystery Tape

In fact, official evidence of what he was doing and said that the mosquitoes in the past, deathbed, no. The proof of that - a simple calculation. Record of negotiations ends at the time of the separation compartments of the Union. The ship entered the atmosphere, where the turbulent plasma extinguishes any radio waves. Communication is usually restored after the opening of a parachute, with slings which are derived antenna. In the parachute Komarova "extinguished", means, and antenna "silent".

Yes, the ship was a tape recorder, and theoretically, his last words he could write on the tape. But after it hit the ground the ship exploded, there was a terrible explosion. From the body of the astronaut is a few charred fragments. Melt even the tightly sealed "black box". Could such an accident to survive in the tapes?

Last 60 seconds

Now about the "last minute". Figure out what's going wrong, Komarov could only once understood: the main parachute did not open. That is the height of about 9 kilometers. But there was hope for a spare parachute. He was supposed to open at 6 km.

That is, if the cosmonaut understood: all kranty. Rate of fall of the ship - about 100 meters per second. Hence, since the awareness of imminent death before the explosion could take no more than 60 - 70 seconds. I think this is hardly his last moment experienced tester spent banal obscenities. Komarov was not so. I'm sure - until the last second he tried to find a way to save the ship and themselves. SOURCE: http://www.kp.ru/daily/22512/16042/

Also, this article seems to speculate that the myth that Komarov cursed the government during his descent is not true, which would make my above link of his(?) voice not really his voice (although you can hear the name Komarov mention in the recording). I don't have the information to say which side in this debate is actually providing accurate information.

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