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a friend and I

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OK so I am obccessed with secular law. Well I guess you could say I drove a friend crazy by talking about it. (he is a youth pastor I know from college(studied there one semester has now moved back home. He tells me that he will talk when I am obccessed with CHRIST instead of man's law. However, a few minutes later he blocks me from facebook not defriend BLOCKS. I would love to be able to prove he made an impact on me but I have NO way of talking to him. I did speak with a friend of the two of us earlier on FB he said that this other guy was going through a tough time and to not worry about it. I still would like to talk and show that he did have an impact and after that talk I am less focused on secular law.

So pray that he will give me a chance to prove (he also says he is praying for me but will not speak on the law. (This tells me he DOES still care.

Pray as well that whatever he is going through the Lord will be with him through it, as well.

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