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Emotional Abuse

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The beatings that I've had

By people I've made mad

Hurt me so very very much

I still can't seem to find a crutch

When the tables have been turned

By words I am most easily burned

I wish you to look in my eyes

See these tears, hear my cries

I'm now almost fully grown

It's time to learn things on my own

When I feel I am afraid

Just think of me, and what you've made

A scared little girl, crying at night

Don't underestimate my height

So here I stand, tall and brave

All these tears I will save

To combat me, in my fight

To make you all see the light

All of this you have done to me

Now with these words I am set free.

I really really do not do well with vocal scoldings... Online or offline... At all...

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I do hope you never get abused emotionally or verbally for real. Scolding is nothing compared to the real thing. ._.

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