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From this day I must be gone

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CTF, I have journeyed long on this site

But now the time has come to take my flight

I intend to leave not for a short period of time

but for good, sealed with this rhyme

CTF has been here through pain and plight

as I have fallen and risen closer to the Light

But as the passage of time will always show

When we are struck low, God will provide another way to go

I dreamed a dream some time in the past

And now I feel that dream is starting to come true at last

At the end of the day, I am compelled to say

That I must be gone, I can no longer stay

I must escape now from this world, the world of this site

And it is time for me to journey along on the path that is right

I am thankful to all I have met herein

But now, another story must begin!


Have I wronged anyone on this site, you have my sincerest apologies. I am sorry for any rudeness or wrongdoing of any kind directed at those on or off this site.

Any possible errors in my posts I submit to the correction of the Catholic Church when applicable. Any such confusion should be resolved by looking at Catholic teaching on any applicable issue.

Moderators please delete my second account under the name “Lawliet” created in CTF’s transfer some years back where this account was temporarily inaccessible for reasons I can’t recall.

Those who wish to contact me otherwise, ask around, I don't use facebook anymore, and don't log on skype as much but there are ways to find me besides heading for the second star to the right and straight on till morning, don't feel shy.

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Aww, bye Matt. While I wouldn't be surprised if you come back, if you don't I hope God richly blesses all that you put your hand to. Best wishes for life & God bless!

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-L-, are you going to leave permanently this time? If not, you shouldn't make a "I'm leaving forever" thread. If so... good luck for the rest of your life.

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I thought I should respond in verse

To your final call. I wish you well,

With thanks, for your many years rendered here.

May your time have been well-spent.

With hope,

I pray you venture on.

My prayers for happiness, good health,

And journeys near and far of great discovery;

For bravery in battle; for unquenched fire

Of the Holy Spirit. I pray that where God leads,

You follow,

And are recreated there.

But most of all, for your joy, I pray,

So that if, in some place far from now,

You too should come across an old friend

Of CTF, you may be glad, and recount,

With glee,

Your stories from the past.

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