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Radical Edward

Don't Know What To Do

I've spent the last year thinking I was going to go into the Air Force, but recently came to the conclusion that that is not the correct path for me. Consequently, I've decided to go to the local community college and get a degree in child care/early childhood education.

The thing is, the local community college is actually an off-shoot of the main college that's in a city over an hour away. The main campus is much more extensive (I've been there for music contest and such), while the local campus is just a few buildings. So I'm uncertain as to whether or not both campuses provide all the classes.

In addition, I don't really know how to go about applying for college. Before, I had a counselor. Now, I don't really have anyone. Well, I have my parents, but I imagine they'd tell me to figure it out for myself.

Does anyone have any advice on how to go to college a year after thinking you weren't going to (at least not yet). How do you get high school transcripts, sign up for the ACT, transfer credits, etc.?

And push comes to shove, is it good form to send an email to your old high school counselor to ask these questions? She's a great lady and really wanted me to go to college, but I'm a bit iffy on whether that's correct protocol.

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Hey,i would go in and speak to the colleges academic counselor (ones that discuss your academic Path and what not) will be able to tell you all this,answer questions. Hope this helps:)



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