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little giant

the right choice?

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Umm ok, I'll just start from the beginning I have been homeschooled since ninth grade, just finished my junior year and i have loved every bit of it! My mom didn't go easy on me though I had to work for those A's. But lately I've noticed small hints from some family members that I should try to go back to school for my senior year (Chistian Academy)... I'm worried though that I won't understand their curriculum, my friend goes there and she says that its very hard... great:glare: They say that it might help me get out more(i'm kind of a home-body) and that I could meet new ppl. thing is though I have a job. With homeschool I love it but worried that when I get a REAL job I won't have anything to show them saying that I finished all of my schooling or that they just won't believe me:sad: This is causing me some anxiety and I don't need that right now when i'm trying to make up my mind of what I should do :huh: please pray for me that i will make the right choice it's a very hard decision:frown:

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