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Do any Christians support legalization of marijuana and/or hemp?

Do you support legalization  

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Yes, I do suporrt pot being legalized.  Why?  Well for medical reasons it is of course to reduce pain keep food down ( which it does.  In terms of just for fun I feel that it is CRAZY the sentences people service for possition. We have too many people locked up in this country to lock people up for years pn end for any drug proccess and certainly for pot proccession/smoking.  Even harder drugs, whilw they should NOT be legal they seriously need to have shorter sentences or even just rehab on the first offense. For the same reason those people need HELP not to be locked up for years and cost tax-payers money for all of that time.

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Personally, I want them to legalize it just so everyone will shut up.


Then the government can tax the crap out of it and make a dent in their debt. Australia does that with cigarettes, and they seem to be doing alright.

so do we with cigarettes and alcohol, too.  Some places call them sin tax. 

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The points made to me, by a few people, who weren't directing any conversation specifically at me because I wasn't a part of the conversation; Legalize it, make it something professionals can package so nothing bad or unhealthy gets in the mix. 

Legalize it so we can tax it.

Legalize it so we can make legit money on it.

It's not addictive, it won't cause lung cancer. 


My only experience with weed was not even mine.

My brother smoked it, and it must have had a bad batch, or he was more sensitive to mental illness than most, or some other drug was mixed up in it, because it made him hallucinate, it made him paranoid, it degenerated his mental health. The repercussions of his decision effect him now. He's not well because of this experience.

I've told everyone who's ever offered that I have no desire to smoke anything with nicotine, or anything that would affect my mental state ever. 

I personally despise the stuff.

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