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How many tattoos do you have?

How many tattoos do you have  

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  1. 1. How many tattoos do you have

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L__Cie_Brand_Render_by_triggerhappy039.png This on my wrist with the verse Mark 16:15 underneath it. The symbol is from a video game. One of the 'gods' in the video game world cursed the main characters to a fate that seemed impossible. This mark was their clock. It changed and morphed, and once it got to this point you had only a few days left to finish your task. Complete your task and gain immortal life, fail and be doomed to live as a monster. Basically, when I came up with the Idea I thought, "Well, lets put a biblical spin on it." What if the mark was our time on earth? After that it takes on a whole bunch of symbolism and stuff.

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