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CTF Art Walk [Idea]

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Hey all:


So, with the addition of this section I thought of an idea that would stretch our cultural awareness with a CTF Art Walk. The basic idea behind this is that those of you who are artsy fartsy could create something, take a photo, upload it, and then those of us who appreciate artsy fartsy stuff (eg, myself) can ohh and ahh at your mad artistic skills.


Some potential constraints could be placed on this:

  • You have to create your piece with a certain time period (you can't pull something out from a year ago and post it).
  • We could potentially have a voting poll or something like that where we select a winner.
  • Maybe you can even sell your piece or something crazy like that??
  • With photography (since I know we have a ton of aspiring photographers here) I'm not sure what to do. I personally get a little worn out with all the instagrammy stuff thats out there, so I don't know if photography should be accepted??


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- The Art Walk should have no criteria

- The competition/poll should be separate and have criteria

- Photography deserves, or rather has enough popularity to demand, it's own 'walk'

- heaps good aye

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