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Overwhelmed doesn't begin to explain how I feel

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About a month ago, I got on here to ask for prayer about grades. Me needing a 4.0 is more than just because I wanna transfer from the community college system to the state university system, my parents are also pressuring me. And I have yet to figure out if it's intentional or not.


You see, if I get good grades, my folks get discounted car insurance since I'm on their plan and since I've let my grades slip a little, they've been paying an extra $75 a month and it's my fault.


That doesn't add onto that nobody in my household is really supporting me prayerfully as I go through my schooling. And they don't understand how stressed out I am trying to get good grades, trying to uphold an internship that will help me out later down the line, and trying to do house hold chores to keep my folks happy.


I'm stressed out, overwhelmed, and feel like crashing and burning with the potential of not recovering.

(Alright, that sounded a little overdramatic, but it's how I feel right now.)


Prayer for peace would be nice.


Thank you!

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You have just been prayed for....hang in there.  I pray that God will give you the strength to make it through this time in your life.    Whenever I'm overwhelmed, Scripture always helps me out.  God's Word is a great comforter.   Go read the end of Isaiah 40. :)  Stay strong!

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