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Nicene Nerd

Apologetics Forum Rules

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1. These articles are for your edification. Feel free to respond to the article threads with thanks or questions, but please save your criticism and debate.
2. If you do want to provide criticism or debate, you may start a thread about the article in question under the Article Debate subforum. Regular debate rules apply.
3. If you would like to submit an article, you may send it in a PM to me, Slave of Elyon, with the title "Apologetics Article Submission."
4. Please do not spam several staff members with an article. If I do not at least acknowledge the submission in 24 hours, you may send it to Cary.
5. The staff will proofread every submitted article and inspect its content. Spelling and grammar errors will be corrected, and minor stylistic edits may be made. The edited article will be sent back to the author for approval before posting.
6. In general, articles should be in line with the CTF Statement of Faith. However, articles which disagree in some point with the SoF are not guaranteed rejection. The staff will discuss them on a case-by-case basis.
7. If your article is rejected, you will be informed via PM with an explanation. You may respond to plead your case, but do not press the issue if your initial response does not change our minds.
8. If your article is accepted, then after editing and author approval it will be posted by a moderator. By default, the author will be identified in the post. If you wish to remain anonymous for any reason, inform us before we post your article.

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