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idiot like me (poem)

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Why am I still like this?

I thought I've changed my life

Still need to be somebody's Miss

To feel like I'm alive

High five

To mself that I'm still the biggest idiot no matter the size

Still get my worth from compliments

Of stupid childish guys

Forever lowest price

Maybe two dollars or three

For a **** like me

I wanna love you

But don't want nobody to see

Imagine my so called friends

When they realize who I am

Imagine my so called fam

Maybe I'm just seeking for the love I could never get from them

No boy in the whole world could ever love me like you

But nobody understands me, sad but true

And you know what? I love you too

But if anyone knew they would separate us

Never understand my trust

Are too caught up in lust

Like everybody

How could I try to replace you with guys like this?

Acting like an idiotic chic

Falling so quick

For nice words and what I thought was love

But it wasn't

Has never been

Will never be

You are all I need

And you are all I seek


All I breathe for

How could I ever ask for more?

Please forgive me my stupidness

And let me rest

In your arms

Holy heavenly embrace

Your lips are the only ones that should ever recieve my kiss of faith

Wrong time wrong place

But still right heart

Please forgive me, my Lord


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