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Radical Edward

Video Game Idea (I Think It's Pretty Cool...)

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So I had an idea for a video game today, sort of a cross between Sims, Civilization, and Black and White.


You are a god, or God, whichever you prefer, and you foresee the end of the world. Or at least, the very, very good possibility of the end of the world. You see that a specific kingdom is at the center of it, sort of a ripple effect, and handpick the new monarchs in an attempt to waylay the End. However, while the possibility of the End decreases, the odds are still not quite good enough for you, so you decide to become a mortal for a single human lifespan to directly influence the monarchs. You have decades to gain influence and prestige, and with your knowledge of the future, you can lead the monarchs, their kingdom, and the world into golden prosperity, or the End.


Your first choice is the two monarchs of the kingdom. You can choose between a king and a queen, two kings or two queens. Having two kings or two queens doesn't necessarily make them a gay couple; in this case, both kings/queens will have a consort. You don't get to choose this consort, they're chosen randomly. Despite this, they have quite a bit of influence; depending on their country of origin, personality, and level of competence, you could have a powerful ally, dead-weight, or an outright enemy and rival in your attempts to influence their monarch.


Each monarch is different, with different levels of competence, confidence, popularity, etc. Over the years, your influence can change these stats however, and to a lesser extent, their personality. For example, you could choose a young, popular prince with more guts than brains and an airy-headed princess from a powerful kingdom but with little interest in actually ruling, and potentially create a power couple to rival King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela. Whether you choose two kings, two queens, or play matchmaker, you have to choose these monarchs wisely. They will be working together for the rest of their natural lives, after all.


After being a mortal, character creation begins. You create the person you will be throughout the game. First you choose difficulty, which decides your rank and station in life: in easy mode, you'll be an adviser to the monarchs. You are encouraged to speak plainly, your advice will be taken seriously, and no one will consider it odd that you are advising the good king or queen. You will be a high ranking noble, but your role as adviser is more important than the matters of your estate, so you will only be called to take care of such matters when they're extremely important.


In normal mode, you'll be a high noble. As a member of the monarch's social circle, you are able to have a certain amount of influence over them, but you must choose your words wisely. You're talking to the king/queen after all. As a high noble, you are born into luxury and power, but you have to work to keep it. The court is a cutthroat place, meaning you have to spend at least some time courting the favor of other nobles to remain by the king or queen's side. Neglect this, and you could find yourself at the bottom of the court totem pole, and you'll have to waste valuable time getting back up.


In difficult mode, you'll be a minor noble. You can still rise to a position of power and influence, but that takes years of maneuvering and planning. For a while, you'll have to be more indirect in your approach to influencing the monarchs by influencing those who have influence on them. Play your cards right, and you could rise to be a high noble and be able to influence the monarchs more directly. Play them wrong, and you could end up impoverished and a laughingstock.


In hardcore mode, you'll be a servant. No one looks twice at you, and there are a series of protocols and rules that keep you from being too friendly with the monarchs. In addition to your duties in the castle, you deal with issues outside the castle walls in the city, where you live in poverty. Despite these difficulties, you can still influence your majesties. You just have to be subtle about it. Very subtle.


Being a man or a woman has little influence over your gameplay, though if you're a servant, your gender influences who you can be a servant for. A man cannot be a queen's handmaid, after all.


Over the course of the game, you will have to deal with various problems and turmoils that crop up in addition to the various Crossroads that influence whether or not the End comes. Among these problems are the Secrets that monarchs have. Each monarch has two or three major secrets, about themselves or their family, that can have incredible influence over the monarch, their kingdom, and their relationship with you. It all depends on how you decide to react to the secret. Examples are homosexuality or bisexuality, affairs, bastard children, and illegitimacy.


In addition to these secrets, you also have problems in the court that you can led a hand in. Your dormant divinity gives you the power to see into the future and know the outcome of any given choice. Sometimes, you have to choose between someone's personal happiness and the long-term stability of the kingdom. Will you help this person and attempt to clean up the mess their good fortune creates? Ignore them? Or actively sabotage them? It's your decision. 


In the end, there are several endings ranging from apocalyptic to perfection depending on whether or not you got the monarchs to make the right decisions and did certain things for certain side quests. 

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Ooh. Yes. Please.


I'd make everything go terribly wrong. I'd just sit there with this going on in my head. tumblr_inline_n8xrg1sR6r1ssixo9.gif

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Pretty cool idea. You might want to find indie developers to pitch it to?

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