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Hey friends ^^; i recentlu started a metalcore/hard rock band and we are looking for some songs you guys think would be good for a new band to practice with until we can start writing our own singles/songs. We still need a drummer but that isn't keeping up from practicing. Also if i think it woild be good to get some feedback om our playing I'll try to upload a video and share it here.

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I'd suggest some songs from We Came as Romans. They're light enough that there's still singing and it won't destroy your voice just starting off the band, but also they have an epic sound all around. 


This is one of my favorites by them, but they have harder stuff out there if you're looking for harder. 

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Guest Mike Spero

Great song, and nice and easy to start out with ^.^



I'm starting a Christian metalcore band, but I'm going to do an Owl City thing where I do the instruments myself on computer. Cause I'm just hardcore like that *-* I had a band approach me after hearing my vocals, but I really just want to do my own thing (and touring would be so hard xc)


Anyways, I'd love to see you guys perform O,O You should definitely post a vid when you can!

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