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How to make a poll

Poll Poll  

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I realized the old thread is using outdated software, so I'm gonna update it.


To make a poll first you click "Start New Topic" in the upper right hand corner:




Next Click "Manage Topic Poll" on the upper right:




It should take you to a page that looks like this:




Please be sure to put the question in the Question 1 section (the second blank space) instead of the Poll Title (the first blank space).



Some options you will get are "Make Votes Public?" By clicking this, you are allowing anyone to see the username of who voted for what answer.



Another option is "Allow Multiple Choice?" By clicking this you are allowing users to select more than one answer to your questions.



You can add more answers by clicking the Add Another Choice plus:



You can add other questions by clicking the add question button on the left of the box. 




When your'e done, click finished and you should have a poll when you post your topic.


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