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The Most Uncomfortable Music Video Involving a Nun Ever

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I have so many thoughts to share about this video. Here let me bullet it to make this post less crazy.


  • It's a very pretty music video. I don't really care if it's cliche or whatever. I like the visuals
  • I actually like this arrangement better than the Mandona verson. It works really well being a slow song with more grandeous music.
  • This song still makes me uncomfortable. :-/ It's not appropriate and I kinda hate the producers who talked this sister into doing this video.

Background for anyone who wants to know, this sister competed in the Italian version of the Voice. She won, and now I imagine she's doing the things that go along with winning the Voice (recording conctracts and stuff). I think it should be pointed out that English is not her native language and I haven't seen any evidence that she's great at it. I think that's the reason this song got made. It's hard to really understand what things mean and imply in a different language, so they could easily have missed some of the more awkward parts of the song that they should have changed/redone.


If anyone need more sisters in their lives, here's her audition and you can find the rest of her stuff on youtube:

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I remember this, back on the Voice. Granted I don't watch the Italian version but I still looked the video up. She's pretty dang cool. Sister got the voice for sure.

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