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A Murder of Crows


Sequel to The Crow King.






For the last ten years, the evil Crow King Malphas Azazel has ruled the land of Aquitas with an iron fist, crushing or subduing any who could try to take his throne from him.  So jealous of his power was he, that he refused even to have a Queen and raise an heir to reign after him.  With his elite army of brutal warriors the Crows, he held the kingdom in thrall.


Only the Hawks, a secret society of freedom fighters founded by the heirs of a prior royal dynasty, the Falconer line, and charged with the sacred duty to defend the people from tyranny, dared oppose him.  When he learned of their existence, Malphas gathered his forces and marched on their hidden camp in Kings' Gate Canyon (the mountain pass with the river between Tir Ciaradh and Aldarra on the map) to crush them once and for all.  Led by his brother Melzekiah Azazel, the Hawks fought a desperate rear-guard action against the Crows' overwhelming numerical superiority while they tried to get their main force clear.


During the battle, Malphas and Melzekiah confronted one another in a duel to the death.  The Crow King was struck down, and Melzekiah mortally wounded.  Both armies are left without a clear leader.  In Tir Ciaradh, the young princess Cerys Adi-Tziyona, daughter of Malphas by a concubine, tries to hold the kingdom together.  Youth and illegitimate birth make her claim to the throne precarious, and she is surrounded by powerful, corrupt lords who supported her father's regime.  Furthermore, the Falconers established a precedent: after overthrowing an evil king from among their own line, Damien Falconer, they voluntarily set aside their dynastic rights, changed their surname to Fouler, and placed Tilion Yalown the First on the throne.  Should Cerys not do the same, rather than attempt to continue her father's tainted line?


Who then will rise to rule the kingdom?  Will justice and peace be restored, or will the land plunge into even greater darkness?


Character Bio format:

Appearance: (Picture, plus description of character, clothing, armor, etc. if desired)
Alignment: (Hawk, Crow, or Other)
Reason for Alignment:

Claimant: (Y/N)  Is the character a claimant for the throne?
Basis for Claim:  If the character is a Claimant, what is the basis for their claim to the throne?  This can be anything from dynastic descent from the Falconer (Fouler) or Yalown royal lines or the House of Azezel to popularity among the people (e.g. a rebel leader or religious leader) to "me and this army," to possession of great wealth and lands.

Weapons: (description, and picture if possible)


Theme Song: (optional)

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A Brief Plot Summary of The Crow King:


(compiled by Zabby)


  • A priest named Hozai breaks a large number of various prisoners out of long term jail

  • Prisoners escape without Hozai with the help of Shyahwyn (Shy) Va'sidhe

  • Prisoner group splits up:

    • Eve goes to the Hawks camp alone

    • Saudra, Avan, and Toma went back to save Hozai

      • Find Hozai blinded and tortured

      • Hide and watch as Malphas kills Hozai

      • Saudra is knocked out and carried by Toma and Avan as they escape

    • Shy runs into Eve and is captured by Eve, Alaric, and Benaiah

    • Benjamin Allett goes to track the escaped prisoners and is captured by Eve, Alaric, and Benaiah

    • Lucas is killed by an assassin (Ben does not know)

    • Samara is separated from the group

    • Shadow Blade (Samson), a trusted assassin, converts and beings to plot against Malphas

  • Crows and Hawks prepare for Battle

    • Shy joins the Hawks

    • Locke (Laka) is captured

    • Samara meets up with Avan and they begin to travel to the Hawk Camp

    • Saudra freaks out and abandons Avan to kill the Crow King

      • Ends up getting captured by Crow King and tortured/converted into his primary assassin

        • Saudra is renamed Zai

    • Beryl (Malphas' concert) is disowned and her daughter (the princess) is scared for her life

  • Crows March towards the Hawk Camp

    • Benjamin (Ben) Allett refuses to join the Hawks even after learning their cause is lawful and just, and there is a rightful ruler besides Malphas

    • Avan is captured by the Crows and his Father takes him prisoner

    • Locke (Laka) joins the Hawks and begins training/falling in love with Bethany

    • Hawks, under the guidance of Shy, set up a trap for the Crows when they show up

    • With the King gone Cerys (the princess) calls a war council to discuss what to do about potential invaders in the north

    • Samara rides for the North

    • Ben escapes from the Hawks

  • The Battle

    • Cerys decides to send the troops to the North without her father's permission

    • Ben tries to convice the Crows not to attack and is almost killed

    • Shadow Blade, Beryl, and Ben escape and go to warn the Hawks

    • Avan fights and kills (?) his father Lucien

    • The battle begins and Shy lands a blow on the Crow King

    • Zai is dispatched to capture Shy

      • Zai fights Ben and Alaric (leaving both greatly wounded and getting wounded herself) before capturing Shy

      • Eve saves Ben and Alaric

    • Crow King orders Zai to take Shy back to capital for more torturing

    • Melzekiah and Malphas square off in a fight, and Melzekiah ends up killing the Crow King

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I'm SO EXCITED. I'm still working on character summaries, but we'll see how far I get. If you're bring a character back from the original thread, make sure you fill out a bio for that character here. It'll make it easier for people to look at once place for everything. 

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It's like, I have two characters I want to recycle into this game.... but I'm not sure either would fit the universe. :-/


Maybe I'll see what kind of crowd we get. 

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I am READY. Well, not really, because I have to make character bios. I'm super tempted to do like, four characters.... But that would be bad. Probably. So maybe I'll just keep it to three? lol


EDIT: Also, there are a couple typos in the recap. Under 'Crows and Hawks prepare for battle', it should say '

  • Samara meets up with Avan and they begin to travel to the Hawk camp

(edit in bold)


And then later on when it says Zai is dispatched to capture Zai it should say 'capture Shy'

Edited by Atlantis

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Part of me wants to attempt to join....but then part of me is wary....I don't want to hold people back with my busy, but I have a craving for an Rp. The struggle is real!

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I am READY. Well, not really, because I have to make character bios. I'm super tempted to do like, four characters.... But that would be bad. Probably. So maybe I'll just keep it to three? lol


EDIT: Also, there are a couple typos in the recap. Under 'Crows and Hawks prepare for battle', it should say '

  • Samara meets up with Avan and they begin to travel to the Hawk camp

(edit in bold)


And then later on when it says Zai is dispatched to capture Zai it should say 'capture Shy'

Taken care of. I was re-skimming the whole rp to get the major beats, so :P


Also, yeah, I wouldn't put in more than three because really, well need to keep this stuff from getting too confusing. 

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Name: Cerys Adi-Tziyona
Age: 11
Gender: Female



Alignment: Neutral, wants to create peace between Crows and Hawks for the good of the Realm.


Reason for Alignment: Cerys knows her father was evil, but she doesn't know if the Hawks are good or not.  She has become convinced that Elhanan wants her to "do justice" and protect the people of Aquitas. 


Claimant: Yes


Basis for Claim: Cerys is the closest thing Malphas had to an heir, and there are no other legitimate claimants to the throne as far as she knows.  She is currently reigning (well, sort of...) in Tir Ciaradh.





This is a somewhat over-sized main gauche Cerys wears for ceremonial purposes.  Proportional to her, it's about halfway between a shortsword and a longsword.  She currently has no skill in its use.



Cerys is kindhearted and innocent (some might say "naive" :) ), but determined to do her best to secure justice and peace for the kingdom.  She has a tendency to get in over her head, but she is also intelligent, and wise enough to seek the counsel of others more experienced than herself, and listen to divergent viewpoints.  When acting in an official capacity, she has taken to adopting the regal persona of "the Faerie Queen," a character from a popular collection of fairy tales for young girls.  As a royal, she has been tutored in the arts of rhetoric and public speaking, so she has been able to pull it off so far.  Mostly.


Cerys is the daughter of King Malphas and Beryl, a woman who had been his most favored concubine. From the beginning, Cerys was farmed out to nannies and tutors to raise. She was even named by the midwife who brought her into the world. As a daughter of the King, she was raised to be a proper and good princess, and used by him whenever he needed his regime to have a sweet, pretty face.

She was raised in a very sheltered environment, kept away from parents who had no time for her. She was taught that her father is very, very busy being a good King and that the Realm was happy and prosperous under his rule. Recently some of the truth had begun to percolate through the filters erected around her; more so as conditions--and Malphas' rages--worsened.  Then, he abruptly cast Beryl aside, gave her to the feared assassin Shadow Blade (also known as Samson Blake) and took a new mistress, a tormented and brainwashed assassin named Zai.  This made Cerys' position in the Court precarious, but before Malphas had an opportunity to consider what to do with her, Crow scouts discovered a major Hawk encampment at Kings' Gate Canyon.

When Malphas gathered his Crow legions to march against the Hawks, he made a speech gleefully ordering them to wage a campaign of terror and brutality against his enemies, including any women associated with them.  Overhearing this from inside an old cathedral, Cerys was confronted with the evil and barbarism her father and his Crows represented.  Not knowing what else to do, Cerys went to the Palace, hoping to find some way to "do justice" in her father's absence, even if it was only holding Audience to hear the pleas of her subjects.
In the palace, Malphas' leading strategist Lucas Kreiss had been murdered, leaving no one in charge of administering the city or the Realm in the King's absence.  Cerys decided that she had a responsibility to try to hold things together until her father returned (or his enemies prevailed).  She called a Council of War, summoning the high lords of the Realm, some of them by force after they refused to come voluntarily.  In addition, she sought military guidance, and took the advice of her guards, to have a renowned retired general, General Aleksandyr Rufus Savoyar (who also went by the name of "Captain Gars" during his military career, as a way to lead dangerous missions he was "supposed" to delegate to lower-ranking officers) brought to the Council.  The General is far past his prime and a drunkard, but he proved to be a sharp military thinker, and has come to be fiercely loyal to Cerys.  A priest named Baruch (her uncle, though she does not know it), fearing for her life, also came to the Council meeting.  He became her other trusted adviser.
Despite opposition and second-guessing from the Lords, Cerys gave orders to see that the Watch kept order in the city, that the roads were patrolled to prevent brigands and highwaymen from taking advantage of the King's absence, that the granaries and storehouses of Tir Ciaradh be filled so that the poor could be taken care of, and the city be prepared in the event of a siege or other unexpected disaster.  In an even more controversial move, she gave the order to move a legion of garrison troops from Aldarra to Ansmekkar to be placed under the command of Commander Garidon, the "Shield of the North," another renowned military officer.  This, she hoped, would protect the northern cities of Aquitas against the threat of Northmen raiders.
Cerys is afraid of what will happen when her father returns, but determined to face the future as bravely as she can.  She does not yet know that she is about to be confronted by what may prove to an even greater danger: King Maphas' death, and his vacant throne...

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Part of me wants to attempt to join....but then part of me is wary....I don't want to hold people back with my busy, but I have a craving for an Rp. The struggle is real!


It's the pooooost ghoooooost, haunting you...


So, do I need to make a profile if I'm just taking an existing character?


Can I add to the existing character?


Can I change the existing character?



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@Skadaddle09, yes to all, as long as it doesn't blatantly contradict "canon" (what was posted in-character for the character in the Crow King RP).  You can change stuff that appears only in background info, add and subtract, etc., as long as it's not something that would have affected a significant plot point or other established character's bio.  For example, you can't make a character into a member of Malphas' royal council without also explaining why s/he was not present for the meetings Cerys convened.  Apart from something that seriously breaks canon (particularly in ways that affect other characters present in the new game), feel free to do whatever you like.  :D

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I found this character timeline by Atlantis in the old Crow King thread.  It does not include characters introduced after it was posted (e.g. Cerys or Shyahwyn).  I'm posting it here in case the additional background info might prove helpful:



Alright, I've created an all-purpose timeline. Hope it's accurate. If something's wrong, or you need to change something, lemme know and I'll fix it.

Fifty-eight years ago: Shadow Blade was born

Forty-nine years ago: Lucien Wylder was born

Forty-seven years ago: Minkah the Just begins his reign

Forty-one years ago: Malphas Azezel was born

Thirty-seven years ago: Prince Rivaiz was born, the youngest of Minkah's sons

Thirty-one years ago: Alaric Fouler was born

Thirty years ago: Hozai was born

Twenty-eight years ago: Toma Firion was born, Saudra Turk was born, Giarc Rekedens was born

Twenyt-seven years ago: Avan Wylder was born

Twenty-five years ago: Eve Fouler was born, Daray Eyal was born

Twenty-one years ago: Branson Majestrad was born

Twenty years ago: Samara Galen was born

Nineteen years ago: Lucas Kriess was born, Ben Allett was born

Seventeen years ago: A tournament is held for Rivaiz's twentieth birthday, Malphas wins

Sixteen years ago: Malphas turns Rivaiz against his family, the war begins, Hozai joins the priesthood of Elhanan

Thirteen years ago: Toma Firion joined the order of the Shadow, Saudra is returned to her Uncle Treager as a deadly assassin

Eleven years ago: Avan Wylder joined the war as one of Minkah's soldiers

Ten years ago: Saudra Turk attempts to murder the King and Queen and is imprisoned after failing, the royal family is slaughtered, Toma Firion acquired the title of Shadow Hawk, Lucas Kriess uncovers Lucien's plan of betrayal and begins his young career as a military strategist for the Crows, Lucien Wylder betrays King Minkah at the Battle of Felgrove Valley, the war ends at the Battle of Felgrove Valley, Avan Wylder is captured at the Battle of Felgrove Valley, Malphas becomes King of Aquitas

Nine years ago: Hozai was confirmed as a full priest

Eight years ago: Eve's family was murdered, Ben Allett joined the Crows

About seven years ago: Eve Fouler joined the Hawks

Five years ago: Samara Galen took over her mother's healing business, Saudra Turk is brought before Malphas for a second chance but has become a follower of Elhanan, Saudra is locked in solitary confinement

Three years ago: Toma Firion was captured

Two years ago: Samara Galen joined the Hawks

About three months ago: Eve Fouler was captured

Perhaps a few weeks ago: Samara Galen was captured

Over the last ten years, even thought the royal family has died and the war ended, groups of rebels and remaining Hawk soldiers work against Malphas's Crows, many are captured. Their numbers have dwindled quite drastically over the course of a decade.

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Character Bio:


Name: Eve Fouler 


Age: 25


Gender: Female 




Alighnment: Hawk


Reason for alignment: Eve is a part of a secret society of warriors, called The Hawks, who were still loyal to the royal family. Her family has been part of the Hawks for generations and Eve's last name Fouler indicates that she is decended from the true royal line. She herself had seperated from the hawks in her younger life, but when her family was murdered my Malphias's men she was the only survivor aside from her cousin Alaric and Uncle Gideon. She joined the Hawks to hone hers kills, find closure (or revenge) and to be with Alaric, her only family.


Claiment: Yes


Basis for Claim: Dynastic descent from the Falconer (Fouler) or Yalown royal lines


Weapons: A pair of Long knives, sheild, cross bow.


Personality: Abrupt, suspisious of others, and downright rude. She is pridefull but a very gifted spy, tracker and warrior and she knows her talents. She is focused and deicated and when she sets her mind to something she becomes an unstoppable force. While she doesn't like to make friends she is a good person to have on your side and if you are her enemy, she is a thorn in your side. The only two people Eve really trusts and is herself around are Alaric and Gideon. Though she is unplesent when you first meet her she does have a charming side (which she tries to hide).


Bio: Most of Eve's family has always been one of those peoples to remain loyal to the royal family. Her father and mother, who were hawks, faded into the city as middle class peasents in order to spy. Eve was raised as a regular peasent girl, and every summer when she visited her uncles family in the country, she learned how to hunt and fight. But she heard whisperings of this and that from her fathers friends, and heard many an argument between her father and her uncle, who was also an undercover Hawk. One day when she was 17, when her cousins were staying with her family, they were attacked by the king's soilders and slaughterd. Right before the attack she was in the house with her father and her mother was outside with the rest of the family. As the attack started her father had hidden her in the closet and forbade her to come out. Unsure of what was going on, Eve obeyed. When all the noise stopped, she crept out of the house to find her family murdered. Distraught and devistated she checked every body for a sign of life. While she was seeing to her family a rouge solider who had stayed to loot jumped out and attacked Eve. Suprised, Eve lashed out at him with the only thing she had; her knife, given to her as a gift from her father, which she had been cluching since before the attack. The solider, not expecting Eve to have a wepon, was wounded. She could have left him or rendered him unconsious but Eve, filled with greif, stabbed him dead. Even after he was long dead, she continued to stab him, screaming at him for being a murder. She blacked out then but when she came back to conciousness she did the only thing she could; ride out to the forest to look for Alaric and Gideon. She searched for days and when she couldnt find them she went to their family farm only to find it had been burnt to the ground. Feeling even more fear, she returned to her own home to find Alaric and Gideon there, buring the dead. Feeling ashamed and greif stricken Eve could not bring herself to reveial herself to them. So she left and tried to track down the group of soilders who had done this for one reason; To try and find Mary (Alaric's daughter), who she loved as her own child. Right before she was attacked by the looting soilder her mother was ranting about how they had taken Mary. Eve's search led her to the capitol city where the trail went cold. Still unable to face her family, she intigrated into city life. But eventaully she ran into her cousin Alaric who had joined the Hawks. Through Alaric, Eve was convinced to join the Hawks for reasons of revenge and redemption. She took her fighting skills to a whole new level and soon rose in status amongst the warriors for it, woman or not. Eve is religious, and serves Elhanan but her faith is flawed, and her modivation is that of one with a guilty concions who seeks redemption. Even after the death of the king, she still feels the loss of her family.


Name: Alaric Fouler


Age: 32


Gender: Male


072012-chris-hemsworth.jpg thor-300x251.jpg   

Alignment: Hawk!


Reason for alignment: His family were Hawks.


Claiment: No; he is not blood related to the Foulers.


Weapons: Broadsword, sheild, armor, throwing knives


Personality: He is open and trustworthy but has a mysterious side. He is a natural born leader and would die for his comrades. He is cautious, patient, intuitive and tactical in his relationships and in battle. He is lighthearted and has a sense of humor. Though he is a reformed man, he does not hesitate to kill his enemys in battle and when the need arises. 


Bio: Alaric's biological father died when he was very young and when he was 10 Gideon Fouler married his mother and adopted him. He is the oldest child in a big extended family consisting of his mother (Mary) and Gideon Fouler, and Alistair and Silvia Fouler (Eve's parents). Needless to say Alaric had trouble adjusting to his new family, even though Gideon treated him like his own son. Growing up he was kind to his younger half siblings and cousins (he was closest with Eve, who was a chubby three year old when he first met her) and acknowleged his parents authority, he was withdrawn from his family as a teenager. This was only worsend when his mother passed away when he was 17. At 19, he fell in love and had an illigitamite daughter with a young woman named Sari. Sari died in childbirth but having a daughter changed Alaric's life. He bacame closer to his family, especially Gideon. He felt content for the first time in his life and he loved his daughter more than anything. One week when he was 24 he and Gideon went out on a hunting trip, one of Alaric's favorite past times. Half way through the trip they spotted smoke rising from the family's home. They hurried back to find the farm burnt to the ground. They hurried to Alistair's house where they had sent their family for the week only to find everyone massicred; their own family and Alistair and Silvia and their family. Alistair had gone down fighting and was already dead when they arrived. Slivia was barley breathing, lain across the lifeless children she had tried to sheild. With her last breath she told them that she had seen Eve and the soilders had taken Mary (Alaric's daughter) out of her arms. Neither Mary nor Eve were found among the bodies of the family but Alaric found Eve's knife imbedded in one of the dead soldiers. Alaric and Gideon searched for the lost girls. They managed to track down Eve but she knew nothing about what happend to Mary. Eve was overjoyed to see her uncle and cousin again but she was to overcome with greif and shame to stay with them long. Alaric and Gideon left their position as undercover Hawks and joined the ranks of the hawk's camp. Alaric spent his time learning to fight, and trying to track down his daughter. Eventaully he came across Eve again and convinced her to join up with him and the Hawks. The two of them were instrumental in bringing down Malphias.


OT: Editied their bio's, FINALLY. I guess this means I might need to bring in Gideon Fouler...lol

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Honestly I'm struggling with these character summaries, and I'm not sure how necessary they are with regards to the overall story summary.


Is anyone still feeling over whelmed by this and feels it is necessary for us to have character summaries, or are y'all good? 


Also, hopefully I can get around to posting up my returning characters today. 

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