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Whaddup, brothers and sisters!?


I am Marcel, a sixteen-year-old dude from New England in the USA. I started to become more zealous to the faith September 2014, when I was so fed up with how boring mass seemed that I looked to see if there were any good Christian artists. That happened to be the same week Lecrae dropped his record-breaking album, Anomaly, so I was instantly consumed in Christian hip-hop, EDM and a bit of rock.


Also, I created an idea that same day to create a YouTube channel called Christ Crew, a place that would promote Christianity in a way that was not outdated, yet would help form the bridge between the religious and non-believers. I should note that I have done over four years of YouTube and videography in the past, as I recently retired from that channel with over 30,000 subscribers and 5 million hits. Simply, I don't feel the desire to do that anymore and want to do something bigger and not enclosed to a tight niche of particular fans.


I uploaded my first video to Christ Crew, a video with satirical and religious humor made with good intentions, and the YouTube techniques I used on my successful channel have not benefited  me yet. I should also mention that I have not promoted Christ Crew on my old channel because I only want viewers that generally like my christian videos, not to follow Christ Crew because of my prior work.


My ultimate reason for joining the forum is to talk to people who get me and possibly meet some people interesting in working together to persevere through the shenanigans of life.


My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChristCrew33



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Hello there, pleasure to meet you!


Just clicked on the link, and that took me straight to your videos... they're amazing! :)



Thanks so much, sista! Made my day :D

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Haha, honestly! It was pretty funny :)

& I also love the way that you're so set about wanting to find a "christian girl", and basically live your live in the best way possible :).

That's what every Christian wants to do, but it's lovely to hear someone voicing this opinion for he nation to see! :)

Glad I made your day :D

PTBJF. (Well done for correctly guessing my gender, by the way :') )

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Welcome to CTF! I'm Celine.


I shall be interested to see what more of your videos are like when they come out. :)

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