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Woman asks for $1 Million to Stop Her Abortion

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Yes but how is this not greed? Shes evil enough to start something like this and once she recieves the money she can do whatever she likes with it. She could say shes donating it to africans but once the money is given to her she can do whatever she likes with it. And trying to profit for something that is morally right? Wouldnt that be considered greed?

It would be greed if she were doing it because we wanted the money. Maybe she is, but assuming for the moment that she is being honest, her point in doing this is not about money, and if she receives the money she will give it to the child. Therefore, it is only greed if she is lying about her intentions or motivations.

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I could be wrong, but I imagine her point is that pro-life advocates are often very quick to force the massive burden and lifelong ramifications that pregnancy brings onto women and yet remain relatively clear of actually bearing any of that burden (let's not debate the in/justice of abortion, all that need be granted for this discussion is that it is indeed a heavy burden and will unalterably change the woman's life).

This is a sort-of stunt to call out pro-lifers to "put your money where your mouth is"; those who so readily point fingers are being asked to lift some of the weight and perhaps that'll illuminate where their priorities truly are.


Of course, it is entirely reasonable for someone who is strongly pro-life to find this stunt absolutely irreverent, but it is clear that her view is not such.




Well... now the website shows it was a marketing stunt for a novel... :P

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This is what the world is becoming... To me, every life is precious and everyone should support pro-life. 

Human life is different from all other forms of life, as the Bible teaches us that humans are created by God to be like him and God loves us so much that He allowed his only Son, Jesus to come down to be crucified and save us from our sins.

I believe the world will come to a change in His glory soon as shown in this news where Vice-President Mike Pence resolute stand on anti-abortion



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