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I wanted to open a discussion here, simply because I have come to notice I really don;t know much about the opposite side, and I like to see both sides. If this is in the wrong section, please move it. :)


In my life, I have never been able to imagine a world without God. Religious belief comes naturally to me. However, I know some do not feel that way. They believer there is not a God, or at least not our kind. So I wanted to ask some questions...and see what answers come back and take it in.


I am not here to ask you to change your beliefs, I simply want to understand you better. Nothing wrong with that?


Do you believe humans or animals have a soul? Niether? Both?:


Are you somewhat theistic, like thinking there could have been a higher being create the system?:


Do you think theistic belief helps or hurts? Why?:


If you were once religious, what caused you to become an atheist?:


Would there be anything, in your current opinion, that could make you possibly think there is a higher power? Whether the power is here now or not?:


I appreciate any and all answers, even if you do not answer all these questions :)

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Topic locked due to being counterproductive on this forum. If anyone would like to engage Jazzy in this conversation, feel free to PM her, but we will not be having it on the open forum. 

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