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heavier christian rock?

if anybody knows of any heavy christian rock artists (i was thinking along the lines of flyleaf) then please share them with me

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Don't know but just wanna say I love Flyleaf :P


same! they're perfectly heavy and i don't even know what it is about them that makes them so great. my mom doesn't like them though.

I know Fireflight, they're pretty good. They have an album out this year. :)

i should have remembered fireflight from pandora radio, i love their song unbreakable!


I don't know Flyleaf, but:

Thousand Foot Krutch



i love skillet, i'll check out those other bands you mentioned, thank you :)

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I do have a really funny story though. I heard that "sick" song by Flyleaf at the age of 17 and really wanted to know who the singer was. I did multiple Google searches in the past and never found out. Well anyway, I am converting back to Christianity and I asked Him to give me a sign that He was real and I was on the right path. Well for years I had searched for that song. After hearing the OP's mention of Flyleaf, I decided to look them up. And what do you know? After years of searching, I found that song.

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