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Need To Wake.

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Ok, I've been having this idea for an RP just gnawing at me, and I decided since we have some new comers who are interested in RPing, I thought why not!? So here goes! (I think we had something similar a really long time ago.)



Something that can't be explained happens when a person falls into a coma. Something that no one knows, or has ever been able to tell. When someone is too young, and their lives are put on hold because of some accident, or sickness there is always hope that they will come back to the world. Little does the waking world know, these people are fighting to wake up.


There is a secret world with no name, similar to limbo. Everyone in this world is in a coma in real life, however they can't remember how they got there or in some cases their name. They wake up in this world unsure of what is happening and how they happened to get here. Each person wakes to a team, these teams compete to stay alive and hopefully wake up. 


Each day they have to compete in another challenge, win to live another day, lose, and you will never wake up again, your life is done. No one is really sure how to make yourself wake up, only that eventually if you win enough it happens. Good Luck. 




Ok, so there's that. I don't know if anyone is interested but I decided I wanted to try. Below I will post a character skeleton, and hopefully post my character tonight! 



Name: (Or nickname if they can't remember)



Bio: (How did they get there? What were they in life?)

Appearance: (I prefer real life pics)

Extra Info you find Important:




Some pretty easy rules:

1. Write in 3rd Person. EX: Sara walked down the road. 

2. Try not to GOD Mod. Don't make people do things, let them react how they want

3. Have fun!

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Nick-Name: Tiv

Age: 13, if that's fine :) 

Personality: Nice, a little sensitive, vindictive.

Bio: Knows that she was in a big family, that she had big goals, and that there was something stressful that caused the coma. (If that's okay,)

Appearance: Medium curly, brown hair, hazel eyes, plain blue short-sleeve shirt, black pants, black-white slip-ons. (I don't know how to post a picture, and taking pictures of myself and putting them on the internet is not acceptable) 


Is this acceptable? 

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Name: Harper Madison


Age: 20


Personality: Harper is bubbly and outgoing. She loves to be around people, and is not a fan of being alone. She wears her heart on her sleeve and cannot hide any of her emotions. She feels things very deeply and cares for people more than most. She loves children, and was actually in training to become a pediatric nurse when her accident happened. 


Bio: Harper lived a happy life growing up. Her parents were not rich but they loved her, and her siblings with everything that they had. Harper is the youngest of four growing up with three older brothers. They protected her from everything that ever came her way that could potentially hurt her. 


Harper graduated top of her class and with many college credits making it very easy for her to apply and get into nursing school only after two semesters in her first choice school. However, when Harper turned 19 she was diagnosed with an irregular brain tumor. Her family was able to come up with the money to have it removed. It was a hard process, but she was able to make a full recovery. That was until a few months after she turned twenty and she had a seizure, that put her into a coma. The doctors believe another tumor has grown in a more difficult spot, and is more hostile than the first. (Harper only remembers bits and pieces of this.)


Appearance: CLICK


Extra: Harper is very smart and works hard at everything she does. 




Name: Marcus Reid


Age: 24


Personality: Marcus is shut off and quiet. He would rather watch what goes on around him than be a part of a conversation. Marcus does not show fear, but he is very scared about losing and the unknown of what happens, even more than most. This fear helps to push him, and he is one of the best in the field of competition. When in a challenge is one of the only times he feels in his element, he then becomes a leader and helps to lead people through the challenge. Marcus wants to win, but he also does not want to leave this world, and go back to what he was before, he doesn't know why, but he knows his life was not great. 


Bio: Marcus grew up in and out of foster homes. Never in the same home for more than a year. He was a marked child, and everyone had him pegged as a 'bad kid.' His life was full of stress and he embraced what everyone expected him to be and did everything he could to continue with the label of the a bad egg. 


In Marcus' teen years he began partying, and behaving in a manor that was dangerous to him and other people. The older he got the worse his behavior became. When he hit 24 he was a complete mess and had no where to turn and no one to help. He does not know how he came to the world he is now, and knows very little of his life before, but he knows that he does not want to go back. In this new world he does not have the drive to party, and he is actually a very good guy. 


Appearance: HERE


OT: If You want to play a not so good guy, there are also a few characters who have found a glitch in the game and are known to sabotage every team, because they only want certain teams to make it to the end. 


Also, looks good to me. I would recommend maybe a little more detail, so we get to know your character, but if you want to flesh that out in the game, that's cool too. 


Also again, if the game gets off its feet, I will say it wont be a super fast RP, so don't worry about that, and I will open another thread that will be for the actual story where this one will be an OT because I noticed we have a little bit of a problem talking in the story board. 

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Which is ridiculous. This is a really cool roleplay idea!

Would you allow me to post this roleplay in another forum?

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