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Teen Girl's Book Club!

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Each month, we delve into a different literary universe. AKA, we read awesome books. We would love to have you as a member here and we will gladly welcome you with open arms! Not only do we read books monthly, we also function as an online group of friends. If you are interested in becoming a member, continue reading down below! 




Each month, we have each of you guys suggest up to 3 books for us to place into The Pot of Chance. Basically, The Pot of Chance is what we place all of the books in the running on slips of paper into. We then draw from the pot and whatever book comes out is what we read that month. Note: We do not allow overly bloody books, overly romantic books, or any books that are anti-Christian. 


Each month when we finish reading the book, we celebrate by hosting a big "bash" which includes contests, challenges, debates, games, and more! We also create separate topics to go to for specific things pertaining to the club. If you have any questions about the End-of-the-Month Bash, let us know.


Feel free to write reviews on different books, whether we've already read them or not. You can also rate books, recommend or unrecomend them, and so forth. Please no spoilers about any books even if the club has already read them for the sake of any new members. NOTE: Spoilers are allowed at the End-of-the-Month Bash discussions. 


The club is not just for reading. You can also chat here!


If you have any questions, please just ask!




-You must be female and at least 13 years of age. If you are older than 17, you cannot join unless given special permissions for certain reasons.


-No inappropriate language, which is probably pretty obvious since this is a Christian website. 


-No bullying!! We stress this more than any other rule, because, like we said earlier, we also act as a close group of friends. 


-No teasing, even if it is meant as a harmless joke. 


-No laughing at others' misfortunes.


-No personal information (e.g, zip code, IP, email address, address, city, etc.)


-No inappropriate content.


-No violence.


-No dating or flirting.


If you break any of the above rules, you will be banned. 




Write a paragraph with your first name, age, favorite genre, favorite book, and anything else you want to add. All information must be included in one post, otherwise it does not count. If you do not pass the expectations/test, you are not allowed to join. By the way, we know we sound very strict, but usually we're pretty laid-back and good-natured! All of the "security" is just to keep everything in order. After you've joined, it gets extra silly and relaxed. 


We wanted to mention that certain people may be promoted to question answerers, moderators, or even staff. Staff's job is to help keep everything organized, such as the amount of members, the names of members, members' basic info, keeping everything under control at the bash, etc.





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Announcement: For the first book we'll be reading, we are jumping into a world of dystopian craziness! I know most of you have probably already read this book once, if not twice, but it's now time to read it again. The reason for this is because we can all relate about it and it will help us get off to a basic start. Kind of like a blank canvas to work with..


THE HUNGER GAMES! (For the next 2-3 months, we will read the entire series). 


This month (September), we will start with book uno. You can start reading the book today since we're off to a late start, and you must finish it by September 31st! Then in October, it's Catching Fire, and in November, Mockingjay. Please get your parent's permission before reading this book. Thanks guys! 


We wanted to mention that we prefer not to read overly lengthy books (600 pg max) due to the fact that there is a deadline to finish the book. All members go ahead and start suggesting books for after we finish the current series. That way we have a good amount to go by! If we have under 30 members by the time this series is finished, each member can suggest up to 6 books instead of 3. If we have under 15-20, each member can suggest up to 10. Thank ya'll tons! -The Cool Teen Beans Book Club Staff

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Is it alright if I make a few suggestions first?


If we could have assigned chapters for each week, (like for week one, we'd do chapters one to six, week two, chapters seven to thirteen, week three, chapters fourteen to nineteen, week four, chapters twenty to twenty seven. There's 27 chapters in the first book.)


Being told to just "read the book by September 31st." is not very specific, and some people, when reading, are slow, and some people, when reading, are fast. Especially if this person has read it already, and that person hasn't, it would be pretty confusing pretty fast.


But if we all read Chapter One on Tuesday or whatever day you'd like, then we'd all be on the same page. (pun intended).


As for the first name rule; I have a very unusual name, and because of that, I am not allowed to reveal my first name, the reasons purely for security/safety rules. My name here, Paraskeve, is my baptismal name, I honestly think that usernames would be better so that then we wouldn't confuse this for that person. 


I am all for an introduction, but your description sounds more like the introduction is an application to join the group. I personally feel that everyone should be welcome. 

Edited by paraskeve

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Hi, I'm Sophie, i'M17 AND I LOVE READING! i dont have a favourite genre. I like almost any book which is fiction. However i do prefer young adult books which i can relate to. My favourite book is Evernight by Claudia Grey. :) 

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Why can't boys join? :(



Another good point; there really is no need for it to be gender-exclusive.

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I'm Delores, I'm 15. I don't really have a favorite genre. I'm an avid reader. My favorite book is The Giver by Lois Lowry.


(I think Paraskeve's suggestions are quite good, but that is just my opinion.)

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I'll do my intro.

I'm Paraskeve, (baptismal name) I'm almost 14, and my favorite book so far is the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes.

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