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Shasta Daisy

Autumn Book Challenge

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My grandfather likes Louis l'amour as well. I've only read the one about the plateau and the ancient civilization. It was riveting.

I finished all but the twelfth warrior, which I'm almost done with, LNI was this week and work was hectic. That's my excuse

Jurassic park is easy to follow, has exuberant dinosaurs, bad guys get eaten, your favorite characters aren't your favorite characters for asinine reasons like they're the hottest or their personality has the most opportunity for cuddling. (Gross)

I'd read the sequel def.

The Haunted Mesa is quite good. (I take it that is the L'Amour book you are referring to) There was actually a book that was almost a sequal to it, called The Californios, which I think you might enjoy.

Sorry you didn't get the challenge finished this season, but my Winter Book Challege just started, so maybe you can find some books that cross over into the other catagories. You'll have more of a head-start, anyway. You joined this challenge a little late.

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