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Help! Did I lose my virginity?

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I am 17 years old. About 6 months ago, I gave and received oral sex from another guy who was the same age as me twice. Does it count as losing my virginity? I feel really really guilty about it. I know that I had committed a terrible sin, especially since I am a guy myself. I do not want to be gay. I also recently started getting addicted to masturbation, where I masturbate on average around 3 times weekly. I really want to stop this sinful life. What should I do?? Please help me. :'( 

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People have been saying virginity is not only physical state of being ,such as a girl with an intact hymen, or a boy who's never penetrated anyone, but also whether you've had intercourse or experienced an orgasm (which would also encapsulate typical virgins who'd never actually had sex, but had self-pleasured until the point of climax.)

Others say, if there's no actual other human contact, it doesn't count.

What's your conscience telling you? sounds like it's bugging you, when, to me, indicates, yes, you lost it. But that's between you and God.  Talk to him about it.

If I were you, I'd ask myself, and ask myself really, deeply truly what my motive was for doing this. Curiosity? Bored? Truly attracted to this other guy?    Then repent of it, and break all contact with this dude.

As for masturbation, the sooner you drop it, the better off you'll be. Fill your life with Jesus, pray instead of self-pleasure. Get counseling. The more your brain gets addicted to dopamine, the harder it will be to shake.

Playing for you.

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