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Share my paintings !

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When I was a kid I liked drawing, unfortunately, I had no opportunity go to a professional artical school , but I was not discouraged , still insist on drawing by myself, even though I painted  not very well, but painting makes me feel happy . simple lines and patterns can express my thoughts and feelings , and when I painting I feel very intoxicated. Occasionally, I drew  pics and sent them to my friends as a small gift ,they all liked it Because it represented my mind . huh.,Yesterday I visited my cousin , her child asked me to teach her with  drawing, I drew some ,  by the way I took some pics..Here  I will share  them with you ,ah ! I hope to have more opportunities to share my pics ,do you like them?






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I am very glad that you can love these paintings, thank you for your support, I will work hard, I'm very busy on my study every day and do not have much to see all of you , but I will find time to come and to share the feelings and exchange our Views about the truth of God , but also to share joy, including my paintings , oh.


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