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New to this forum and new to the faith!

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Hello, I am SeekingHim (not completely sure about that username but I suppose it fits me fairly well) but feel free to call me Anne or Annie.  I have felt able to call myself a Christian for around six months now but at home I feel very alone because my family doesn't like religion and none of my friends are religious.


I am seventeen years old, currently trying to find my feet - I haven't really worked out what denomination I am or exactly how I see the Bible or anything like that.  Hopefully that'll come with time.


I'm excited to be part of a Christian community, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all!   ^_^

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Welcome to CTF, Annie. :) It is wonderful how the Lord found you (for He finds us, I believe, rather than us finding Him.) I hope that your faith continues to blossom. :D

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