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Jewelry Making

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I’ve been into jewelry making for a while now, and I was wondering if anyone else is, too.

I do a lot of beading, but I do more Steampunk-Steel jewelry than beading. =)


Like these. These are some of my really recent ones. The one in the middle has a magnifying glass in it …


I didn’t like the bright shiny chain on the one to the right, so I painted it gloss black. I thought it looked better with that particular charm…



I use “J.B. Kwik-Weld” to bond together the different parts…washers, toothed washers (which are one of my favorites to use), small nuts’n’bolts, screws, small keys (which make really cute necklaces), random pieces of chain, gears and cogs, wire pieces, etc…   


If you make any kind of jewelry, I’d love to see pictures! <3

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PRETTY!!! :D I make necklaces/prayer ropes out of beads and hope to start my own tiny business with them!! :D

Will post pics soon.

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I just made this one today. It looks a lot bigger than it is, it's only like an inch and a half long, including the loop. :)



You should make a little etsy shop <3

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Cut-Out Charms,


Things you’ll need:

 -1/8-CM thick steel sheet metal (NOT stainless steel, it’s too hard to cut).

-Hand-held sheet metal sheers. (Easy to find at hardware stores).

-A drill. I used an industrial bench-press drill, but you can use a handheld (which is safer :P, but don’t hold the charm while drilling, use a vice or vice-grips).

-A drill bit, duh. (Size of your choice, I used one about as thick as a toothpick).

-A heavy-duty metal file.

-Rough sand paper, and fine sand paper (You can use any rough paper, but I used 2000-grit for the fine).

-A stencil, and a pencil.

-Letter or number metal stamps, if desired. (They’re cool for doing initials and dates with, or whatever ya want to write, just make sure it’s fairly short.)

-Hammer (If you’re using letter/number stamps).


NOTE: If you’re using brand new sheet metal, you won’t need the rough sand paper. I used crappy beat up metal, so I needed it. XD


Draw on the design of your choice, but make sure that it’s not too elaborate, the simpler the better, and draw it as close to the edge as possible. Use sheers to cut off access metal, and then cut right on the pencil lines. Use file to smooth out the edges of the cut-out. Drill hole where you want it, and then file down the “outy” on the opposite side when the holes/hole are done. Then use rough sand paper to smooth top, bottom and edges, and make it a uniform color. Then use fine sand paper to buff it and give it a uniform shine, and to get rid of the scratch marks. OPTIONAL: If you are going to use the letter/number stamps, do it after the rough paper, and before the fine paper. Then buff as usual.


NOTE: If you don’t have access to a drill, you can lay the charm on a block of wood and use a hammer and a round metal punch to put a hole in it. But you might have to do more filing to get it smooth. It might not look as nice though.





Use a small jewelry loop to attach to chain of choice, and you’re done! (The ones to the left are the finished project. The one to the right is just a guitar pick charm that I made as well.)

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