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Did God have name in the beginning?

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Suppose that God the Father has eternally been thinking "I love the Son." If that sentence is eternal, and if Son is a name, then it follows that 'Son' is an eternal name. 


To put that argument in more technical terms, love is an intentional state demanding a subject and an object that are rigid designators. Rigid designators are functionally names. Thus, insofar as God is eternally loving, then the deep grammar of His mind involves eternal names.


We can even get a bit romantic and argue that you and I have eternal names, since God loved us from the beginning, even before we were born :)


However, I think this is a silly argument since it imputes the deep grammar of the human mind to God, and God's mind is not like our minds. The real answer in my opinion is that we can't know what names are to God, let alone whether He's always had one.

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Um, God is I AM.


He always has been

Always will be

And always was the same.


So duh He had the same name then as He does now.



(this seems kinda like a ridiculous argument)

I mean, does it even matter if He had a name back then?

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