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In this game, the goal is to find little-known words of 10 letters or more, and post them, with definitions if possible, in alphabetical order. For example: I say "Anathematize - To hate or detest something passionately." And the next person can say "Bouillabaisse - Fish chowder." And the next one may say "Circumlocution - A roundabout way of talking." etc. etc. etc.
You are allowed to use a dictionary, and this is even encouraged. The use of this game, beyond being great fun, is to boost vocabulry and spelling skills of ourselves and others interested in doing so. (Who knows? You may even impress your friends with your newly aquired knowledge!)
While the rule of thumb is not to post a word that you already know, as this means others probablly know it as well, if you doubt that others know it then go right ahead! And when the letter Z has been reached, feel free to start all over again! Hope y'all have fun! :)
Antediluvian - Since before the flood; very old or old fashioned.

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Okay, since this thread has not had a single post on it since it was created, I'm going to try to bump it to the top by posting the next word. Please post, guys!


Boustrophedon - Going from left to right and right to left in alternate lines, usually said of written words.

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