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God change my life

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My name is Sasha, I'm from Russia. I was born in 1993 in original Russian family.I was born with a very big problems with the skin. Doctors refused to me, they said that all my life I'll stay like this. My father was alcoholic, and he was in prison for 2 years. My father was an alcoholic, I remember as my mother cried and swored with my father. Until in 1997 my Father learned about Jesus Christ in he confessed and his life changed after that my mother gave her heart to God. Our family changed we became others God rescued us.When God saved us, my family prayed for me and the church, and I healed my skin recovered. And all this is done the Lord. I from 5 years went to Church but only in 10 years I realized that I need God.I am glad that the Lord gave me a new life and I avoided many unnecessary problems. I see how God is working in my family and works in our lives. And it is a miracle.  I am so grateful for his boundless favor. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to talk about his love of others. Not long ago I was in China, where I had the opportunity to tell people about God. I wish that the Lord used me in his work. He can do a lot in our lives, but if he can do it only depends on us.



P.S If I made mistakes, please will be lenient, English isn"t my native language. Thank You. :)

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