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Violent video games

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I don't think people should play violent video games at all because it affects the minds. While they may not notice it, you'll start to think more like them. And yes, I know that happens because I've had stuff like that happen and have some friends where things like that happens also. The affect would be more effective on children than adults because it would be started at a younger time and affect their developing mind. Lots of violence in anything begins making people numb and isn't healthy. Violent video games do promote violence a lot. And overall, they are not good for the mind and they are especially not spiritually good. 

I agree that it's not spiritually good, but it doesn't affect everyone's mind


I've played violent games throughout the years, it's never affected my mindset. I'm still sweet and kind Janelle.:)

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Are you sarcastic? If not, read below.


Video games do not = life, nor do they = socialization. I have two forums/FB account/church for that. And the last time I played a MMPORG was rather... jolting, and I'd prefer to not go through that again. Plus, there's only two Apple Macs in the whole house, and not a lot of good games are eligible for Macs, sadly. :(

What do you mean by life. To some people, video games are a form of socialization for them, especially online play.

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