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Funny News Stories

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One thing I've noticed on CTF lately is a lack of discussion surrounding current events.... granted, we all know why that is. More often than not, current events spark debates, and also more often than not, CTF debates are tiresome. In response, this thread is purely for the giggles and eye-rolls. 


Feel free to post a silly, ridiculous, or maybe even heartening news story here. Make sure it's CTF appropriate and try to stick away from anything that is gonna spark a lot of controversy (a little controversy is fun though). Try to keep it somewhat recent (maybe last 6 months or so) and overall have fun! Here is my first submission: 


Thousands of people on Facebook are praying for a dog with ham on its face


People are goofy. 

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A local radio station plays "Laser Stories", where they make fun of stupid people that ended up in the news, but with a laser. (LOL)


Two people robbed 80 pizzas from a store, stuffed their faces. (Ate 5 pizzas), and decided to bring the rest to their place, and started selling them; one of them got the bright idea of selling the others to the COPS, the cops knew that they stole the pizzas, and when the two robbers turned up to the police station, they were arrested for robbery. 

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