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What do home-school kids do for art in high school?

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I am a self-trained artist, (27 now) researching building a homeschool art curriculum for teens.  Art made school more palatable for me when I was a teen.


Adults often think about what is best for their child and conclude that extracurriculars are secondary, but I am still young enough to remember that those secondary subjects acted as motivators for working on the primary subjects that parents consider so important.

If you're a homeschool teen I'd be interested in hearing what your thoughts are about art.  If you have an art curriculum what you like about it and what you don't like. If you don't have one why you think you don't and whether you care or not.

Here's a photo of one of my recent paintings:


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I WAS a homeschooled teen and I mostly used the internet and various books from the library to teach myself how to draw.  My mom was more math oriented so she wasn't able to teach me art.

When I got older, I went to a co-op that had art classes and absorbed those, however, I forgot what curriculum was used.

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I am a teen who graduated from being homeschooled, and I actually didn't really have an art curriculum when I was older (when I was very young I might have, but I don't remember it), simply because my interests were more on history, literature, botany, and science. If I showed more interest in art, then we might have used a curriculum. As it was, I was given free range in that department, so to speak. I dabbled with painting, with sculpting clay, with sketching, with making collages, etc., but it was not my gift. I think it is important for a child/teen to try their hand at many types of art. But I do not believe that a curriculum is necessary. If the child/teen shows much interest in this area, however, that is different.

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