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so my mom did some bad things in her life. things that have effected my life a lot. she did drugs and got addicted to pain killers. she took money out of the bank account that was for the house payment. so because she did that we ended up losing the house. so now i live with my aunt and uncle. my dad tried everything to try and keep the house but he eventually couldn't anymore. this took years..but it happened anyways. so as i said earlier i now live with my aunt and uncle. 


i never really had a mom. i mean my sister who is three years older raised me mostly. and at about the age of maybe 11, i started take care of things in out house. i helped with the shopping. my dad even wrote up a letter for me and my sister, the letter had all the medicines he took for his diabetes and the names of a bunch of people. people who could help if he got sick. i never really had a mother figure, growing up.


so at 15 i moved in with my aunt. and i'm still living with them.(i'm 17) and we are having some troubles because i'm use to doing things for my self and not having to talk or ask about anything. i keep getting mad and making smarta** comments about things. I really want to have a mother figure but i feel like i already had my chance. and that i may have been part of the reasons for some of my (real) parents fights. but right now i'm kind of stuck, because i want a mom but i don't at the same time. i have already heard that God has given me a second chance with a mom (the idea is thrown in my face all the time) but i don't feel like it really was a good idea. 


i just don't understand any more. 

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17 doesn't have to be as rough as the rest of your teen years, you moved in 2 years ago... and you're still expecting things to be the same as they were when you were with your mom?

That aside, you'll have to figure out a better way to approach the issue of what kind of parental figure you think you need with your aunt.

Smart remarks don't work, you've probably experimented with that approach enough to sort that out.

You will need to compromise with your aunt about somethings.

That's all I've got the energy for guy, just keep your chin up.

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