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Faithful Kevin

My post might have been deleted

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I'm starting this thread because this was the only way I could come up with to somehow get my word out to the moderators/administrators.


I posted content on a forum a few days ago, however, today I saw it is no longer there.  I'd like to read that this was a mistake, that I never posted the information, however, I remember posting and reading what I spent time writing for that topic.



Here is a link to the thread:





I've responded to that topic asking why my post had disappeared without notice.

I'll appreciate an answer.



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Not a mod anymore, but if your posts were deleted, it was probably because they violated the following CTF rules because you've stated your purpose here is to deconvert people from Christianity:




4. Advertisement of other religions or belief systems (including Atheism) is not allowed.

5. There are to be no debates concerning whether Christianity is true, or the validity of the Christian faith.

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