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Creating a Christian based video game

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I'm planning to finish a 2D RPG game for Android

Game-play is your standard 3rd person ATB RPG

Currently creating the world but I'm still trying to depict

the Afterlife before the Judgement Day which the story will take place.


The game will let you choose a character (eventually "create a character" if I can manage, I'm trying to figure it out)

The game will ask various questions to shape your character's back story then the game will

throw you in the world of the Afterlife. The game will not punish the player for their philosophy

but give them a unique and fair path to tackle as well as dialogues which gives fair points. 


The gates of heaven are still close & hell is yet to be created and waiting for the Judgement Day.

The player will find themselves in a confusing world trying to figure out who to trust and who's right or wrong.

The game is suppose to have many branching paths, many decisions, many ways to tackle the problem, and many endings.


The Afterlife world will look similar to Earth. You'll see trees, mountains, rivers, even some building structures. I'll try to make it an open world where the player can choose to go where ever they please regardless of level. Player will soon figure out the feats of their new body in the afterlife. You are now called a "Soul" and their will be other souls who will educate you on how the world will interact with you as well as gain access to unique skills. Some souls will teach how to interact with the physical world and some souls will attempt to deceive you so stay on guard and for a look out on clues and suspicious activity.    


Powerful Angels roam the lands trying to gather souls for the preparation of the Judgement Day. Angels and Fallen Angels look very similar and has very strong & tempting points to follow them as well as friendly to forceful personalities. There are factions that comprise of independent souls with no allegiance to God nor Lucifer, trying to gather souls as well with their own fair reasons. 


Game play is done and tested for balance.

Graphics are still pretty default, I'm still trying to make it look unique.

World is being created, and still looking for inspiration based to artwork or books.

Story is not yet polished but forming ideas as I'm planning to make multiple NPC personalities with their own back story as well as how much the NPC will impact the world. Creating multiple back story's to everything to create game lore. The game may change along the way as well. I'm trying make multiple events, dilemmas and scenarios. Once the game is almost done I might look for volunteer voice actors hopefully for free.


I can't promise that I can finish the game but I'll strive to finish the project. I'll try to post updates and soon screenshots if the project looks pretty good. I hope to finish it with the original plans as posted. Please don't rush me as well as I'm just doing this on my free time for free.


If you have any Ideas for game creation from game mechanics to story events you're welcome to post.

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That's a great idea :) Though I highly recommend that you stay as close to the Bible as you can in general to avoid possible problems; that doesn't mean not to leave any room for creativity or interpretation in developing the game, but just try to stick to the Bible on the big parts, then on things where the Bible isn't as clear such as many physical appearances, you then have more room for creative interpretation


Hope that made sense, I'm jet-lagged and really tired, so it's probably worded strangely   

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