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Movie Resolutions

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So sad loser that I am, ive decided to attempt to watch 100 movies and TV shows over 2016 as a way of improving my motivation which is currently zilch for everything that isn't sleeping. So far failing miserably but ah wells! (So far ive only done 20 - sadness ;-;)

More specifically though there's some fairly massive black holes in my knowledge that I want to sort out which is what the thread is kinda about. Are there any areas in film that you want to try and fill this year? So my own weird lil extra objectives to be done this year are:


Musicals (Cabaret, All that Jazz, Umbrellas of Cherbough, Going My Way... got a lot to do v.v)
Cuban Movies
Oscar nominated short movies
Hammer Horror


There's some specific people as well I want to do - may do them in little batches of 3 or 4 movies. David Cronenberg, Peter Sellers and Fredrico Fellini are at the top of the list right now along with my Rohmer and Kaurismaki boxsets. 



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