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Beverly Hills

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The average cost of living in California is REALLY high, dude.  This would include the all of the big town you've heard of, LA, San Francisco, San Bernadino, Sacramento. The entire state is expensive to live in.

It's double the amount of cost of living in midwest and is as expensive, or perhaps more so than New York and Hawaii. The cost of housing in LA is 157% higher than the national average.

I understand you want to become famous, but I do hope you have a financial plan to keep you from gong bankrupt in the process.

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But only the taxes?

Nope, everything.

Cost of living in L.A:


Cost of Living in Beverly Hills:


Cost of living in New York City (which I recall you were interested in)


And to show a more "average", we'll just throw in Kansas City.



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But the costs are daily, monthly or yearly?

Rent is monthly, gas and food depend on how much you need those items.

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